Pure Math UCI vs University of Washington

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Pure Math UCI vs University of Washington

Postby mathgeek142142 » Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:20 pm


I'm interested in algebraic geometry/algebraic number theory and differential geometry and algebraic topology. Which of the two departments are better in these fields? I know UCI has no active topologists anymore, so UW wins in this aspect. I also know there are some good number theory professors at UCI, but Matt Stein is also at UW... I don't know how strong UCI algebraic geometry is, it seems there's only one active faculty and a new hire on his way. But I know UW also only has three algebraic geometers, and I think only two of which are active.

Any thoughts? I could also make the decision based on department prestige. NRC ranks UCI higher but USNews ranks UW higher.

Thank you!

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