Failed on Saturday, Graduate Schools?

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Failed on Saturday, Graduate Schools?

Postby D-modules » Mon Nov 14, 2011 7:21 pm


I just took the GRE on Saturday, and I must say that it just was not my day. On the practice test I was missing 5-15 questions under time and pressure. However on Saturday I would be lucky to get 20 questions right. To me it seemed like there was little mathematics on the test just a bunch of odd calculus questions that seemed different from the Practice Tests(I normally do well on the questions from the middle to the end of the test Real analysis, topology, algebra, etc.)

Anyway I was hoping some people could suggest schools that do not care about the GRE Subject test at all, as I am having trouble finding them. Also I have a bachelors from one of the two good schools in Chicago, 10 graduate courses, senior thesis on Serre Duality, great letters of recommendations. Do you think I should even waste my time applying to any top 30 schools?

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