Issues filling out race/ethnicity data on grad school apps

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Issues filling out race/ethnicity data on grad school apps

Postby rickrockroll » Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:45 am

I know that this is not particularly math specific, but I'm starting the application process for math PhD programs and was wondering if anyone else had similar issues to mine. My ancestry is about equal parts Afro-Brazilian, European, and Indigenous south american, to the point where I never have identified with any of these groups in particular, as I don't particularly look like any of those things. I was wondering if anyone was in a similar situation and what they do for filling out these confusing race ethnicity sections of apps. I'm always between either just filling in everything I am or just skipping these sections entirely.

Similarly if any of y'all out there are Brazilian, do you fill in hispanic/latino? I've always been confused by the American usage of this designation.

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