Undergrad Junior Math Major Seeking Advice

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Undergrad Junior Math Major Seeking Advice

Postby ProspectiveMath951 » Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:06 pm


I am a community college student from California. I am going to Uc Irvine (decent school in California) this fall. I am interested in applied mathematics, specifically, probability, and also am interested in statistics.

Classes I will be taking next 2 years:
Linear Algebra (upper div.), Probability and stochastic process, probability and statistics, elementary analysis,complex analysis, abstract algebra, Real Analysis (graduate level course), possibly a research seminar course.

Then I have the choice to take some math electives such as numerical analysis, Partial differential equations, combinatorics, introduction to cryptology, introduction to number theory, mathematical modeling.

1. which classes should I take for math electives (that are more facilitated towards applied math phd and statistics phd)? I get to pick at least 2-3 of them.

2. Which schools will fully fund phd in statistics or applied math? Does it matter if I am an out-of-state resident, will they still provide fully fund?

3. When should I start preparing for GRE and Math GRE?

4. I was thinking about getting an REU next summer since I don't have much experience. Does this help on application at all? Also will me being Mexican improve my chances?

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Re: Undergrad Junior Math Major Seeking Advice

Postby blackmaverick176 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 4:17 pm

Here are my thoughts:

1. You'll probably get the best advice from your adviser or a professor at your institution. Maybe you could take a grad course in probability after you've completed grad real analysis or look into some stats grad courses. Personally I'd just take whatever seems interesting.

2. Any decent program should provide you with full funding (i.e. tuition waivers and a stipend via a TA position or fellowship) regardless of your state residency. You should view an acceptance with no funding as a "soft" rejection.

3. I recommend taking the subject GRE the April before you apply and see how you do. If you're satisfied with your score then you can work on other aspects of your application, and if not then you can sit for it again in September or October later that year. You'll want plenty of time to review and practice solving problems quickly, so I would start studying two to four months before each sitting. It's my understanding that the general GRE isn't as important for applications, but you still want a decent score. It depends on how confident you are, but maybe start studying a month or two in advance if you want to be thorough.

4. An REU should make your application more competitive and may also give you something interesting to talk about in your statement of purpose. I imagine coming from an underrepresented group would give your application at least a slight edge. The MAA maintains a list of resources, including summer programs, which you might find helpful.
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Re: Undergrad Junior Math Major Seeking Advice

Postby ProspectiveMath951 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:46 pm

Thank you blackmaverick,

I appreciate your advice. :) I will also look into the link you sent me.

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