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MS Statistics - Improving Math Background

Postby FutureStatty » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:08 pm

Hi everyone, this is a cross post from GradeCafe since I'm interested in your opinions. I'm gonna apply for a statistics masters in the fall, and wanted to know if I should expand the schools I'm considering (are they too top heavy) and if I should take the MGRE to better improve my chances at, for example, Stanford? Any additional advice or help is appreciated!

* More interested in industry-focused programs but open to PhD preparation programs.

Major: Applied Mathematics

GPA: 3.68 / 4.00 cumulative

Type of Student: Domestic Male

School: Top 5 Public (Top 3 Applied Math, Top 10 Pure Math)

Relevant Courses:

Single Variable Calculus (AP/AP), Multivariable Calc (B-/B+), Intro Linear Algebra (B+), Intro Differential Equations (A-), Linear Algebra I (B-), Mathematical Modeling (B+), Complex Analysis (B), Real Analysis I (B+), Real Analysis II (C), Systems of Nonlinear DEs (A-), ODEs (C+), Varied Mathematics (A+), Intro Statistics (A), Intro Statistical Programming (A-), Probability Theory (A), Intro Math Stats (B), Analysis and Regression (A-), Design of Experiment (A-), Data Mining and Machine Learning (A+), Statistical Research (A+), Intro to Statistical Computation (A), Optimization Statistics (A), Econometrics (A) (if relevant)

Relevant Courses (after undergrad):

Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Real Analysis (A), Mathematics for Statistics and Computation (A, expected) (both taken at Harvard Extension to improve my profile)


Should I take given my math grades?

Programs Applying To:
Statistics Masters

Research Experience:
None except a literature review class

Recommendation Letter:
Two likely Strong, One Good

Coding Experience:
R, Python, Stata, LaTex

Other experience:
Private tutoring

College Honors, Phi Beta Kappa

Targeted Schools:

John Hopkins

I know that my math grades were not the best and I'm definitely trying to find ways to improve them (hence the extension school courses, for what they're worth). Not sure if there is anything more I can do to strengthen my profile before November time, besides taking the MGRE. Is this worthwhile if I'm aiming from Stanford, UWashington, and UChicago in particular?

Also, I've tried to find RA II classes available at my local universities to no avail! My grade in RA II is probably the most glaring problem in my profile, among other things. Before someone mentions retaking it :)

Thanks for all your help! :D

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