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Profile Eval/Personal Statement Help

Postby ConcernedSenior18 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:01 pm

Could someone take a look at my profile and let me know how it looks? I'm really worried about getting into a graduate program. Also, I could use some help with how to write a great personal statement. I'm struggling a little bit, but I want to make sure I have an amazing personal statement for my top choice.

Undergrad institution: Small liberal arts university in the northeast
Majors: Mathematics, Biomathematics (double major)
Minor: Philosophy
GPA: 3.88 overall, 3.94 in Mathematics major
Type of Student: Domestic white female

GRE Revised General Test:
Q: 167 (92%)
V: 160 (82%)
W: 4.0 (86%)
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:
M: 620 (42%) - only submitted where required

Program Applying: Pure Mathematics, particularly interested in coding theory and discrete mathematics

Research Experience: Summer REU at Princeton in computational biology, presented research in graph theory at multiple undergraduate conferences (all talks), currently working on a senior thesis in coding theory and will be presenting a poster at the end of January on some of the results
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Honors Program, Pi Mu Epsilon, expect to graduate summa cum laude, Dean's List Every Semester so far
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Mathematics tutor at my university since 2nd semester freshman year
Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: I'm close with all of my recommenders, and believe my letters will be strong. One of my recommenders has known me since first semester freshman year and has had me for 4 classes - Calc III and 3 upper-division (300 and 400 level) classes
Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: N/A

Applying to Where:
Princeton University - Submitted, Pending 1/9/2018
NC State - Submitted, Pending 1/9/2018
Lehigh University - Submitted, Pending 1/9/2018
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Submitted, Pending 1/9/2018
University of Virginia
University of Kentucky
University of Nebraska at Lincoln - dream school
University of Delaware

UNL is my dream school, as I feel that their program is the perfect fit for me, and I have been to NCUWM and am going again so I know that I like the location. Their application is due soon and I want to make my personal statement as strong as possible for them especially. In my current statement, I talk about how going to the conference inspired me to believe in myself and pursue a graduate education in mathematics. Does anyone familiar with the school have any suggestions on what I should definitely mention in my personal statement?

Also, I'm really worried about not getting in anywhere. What do you think of my chances of getting accepted somewhere?

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