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Advice/application review (fall'18)

Postby WYNCE » Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:48 am

I've just finished my undergrad with a major in mechanical engineering, and I'm looking forward to getting into a good grad school (US/Canada/Europe) for a terminal masters program in applied math (without funding). I want to do my Ph.D. too, but I'd rather not apply now as I don't think I have the prerequisites for a good program.

I've taken a gap year and am currently a project assistant at a very good applied math institute in India under two well-known professors. I haven't had any upper-level math courses due to the inflexibility in curricula at my college but will hopefully have a good shot at the GRE math subject test this October. I have also taken online courses with paid/free certificates relevant to applied math.

However, I needed advice on my second attempt at the general GRE test. I got a 165 in quant, 154 in verbal and 4 in the writing section. I've signed up for a test by November end but I'm in two minds as a significant increase in the verbal and quant sections would need lots of hours of practice which I could use to work on my 2 research projects that are in inverse problems and graph theory. Hence having a month's worth of results and work for my professors to write about in my LORs. I also clear minimum TOEFL scores at all universities with a 110.

So is it worth writing the GRE general test already having a 165 in quant?

Thank you for reading the post and any advice.

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