Does it make any difference in the admission?

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Does it make any difference in the admission?

Postby MathKS » Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:27 pm

I am an international student and I have a full scholarship sponsored by my government to study PhD in pur mathematics. I am now enrolling in MA program in USA and I will finish my Master in this Spring. I applied to 6 universities in USA. Since I do not have GRE subject, I just applied to Universities that does not require it. I am not looking to financial support from the Universities for which I applied. So, I wonder if this would increase my chance to be admitted. I have master from my country with GPA 3.93/4.00 and my GPA from the university in the USA is 3.86/4.00. Does this help or having two masters is a negative point? Thanks for all who will reply

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